Alone Shayari In Hindi And English

Shayari is a form of Urdu poetry which has been around for centuries. It is a beautiful way to express emotions and feelings through words. The word shayar literally means one who speaks or writes in verse. Shayari can be written on many different topics, from love and relationships to sadness and loneliness.

When it comes to expressing the feeling of loneliness, Shayari can be very powerful. Alone Shayari capture the essence of being alone, whether it is due to a broken relationship, the loss of a loved one or simply because you are feeling lonely in life.

Here are some examples of alone Shayari that are sure to touch your heart:

  • "Kabhi koi paas hota hai, Kabhi koi door hota hai; Hum sab mein se ek hi hote hain, Jo khud se bhi alag hote hain."
  • "Tumhari yaadon ke saaye mein hum raat bhar rote rahe; Aaj bhi tanha dil ko samjhaya ki tum nahi ho mere paas."

These Shayari speak about how one feels when they are all alone. They tell us how difficult it can be to accept the fact that we may not have someone by our side at all times. It also speaks about how memories of those whom we once had in our life can haunt us even after they have gone away.

Apart from these two examples, there are many more such beautiful Shayari that talk about loneliness and being alone. Here are some more:

  • "Kisi ke sath rehne se mohabbat badti hai; Kisi ke sath na rehne se zindagi badti hai."
  • "Khushiyon ka pal jaldi guzar jata hai; Tanhaiyon ka pal thoda lamba lagta hai."

These Shayari remind us that although moments with loved ones bring joy into our lives, moments without them can often feel long and lonely. They also tell us that sometimes things dont always go as planned and we end up having to live with the consequences of these things.

Alone Shayari can be very helpful in conveying our feelings when words seem inadequate. They allow us to express ourselves in a way which would otherwise remain unexpressed. So next time you feel lonely or sad, do take some time out to read some alone Shayari as they will surely help you get through your difficult times.

Alone Shayari of The Day

1. I'm so tired of being alone, 
I just want someone to call my own. 

2. My heart aches for love and care, 
But all I have is this lonesome air. 

3. I feel like a ship that has no shore, 
In this sea of loneliness forevermore. 

4. The void in my soul can't be filled, 
All these emotions just remain unkilled. 

5. I cry in pain but no one hears me, 
As I slowly become an empty debris. 

6. My lonely nights are spent in tears, 
Hoping for a life without fears. 

7. Sitting here like an abandoned child, 
No one to help me stay mild. 

8. In the night sky I search for stars,
But find only darkness and wars. 

9. The silence around me is killing me inside,
And nobody can hear me when I tried to hide. 

10. Where did all the happiness go?,. 
Is it hidden somewhere far below?

11. My life's been stuck on pause mode lately ,. 
When will it begin again hopefully ?

12. The world keeps spinning as if nothing happened ,. 
While my broken dreams keep getting shattered . 

13. The sun shines bright yet my day remains dark ,. 
As now there's nothing left for which I could hark . 

14. Sadness has taken over my life completely ,. 
As if its mission was only mine to defeat . 

15. When you're alone your thoughts start haunting you ,. 
And suddenly everything else seems so untrue . 

16. Your head starts thinking what went wrong with you ? ,. 
Why isn't anyone coming even after few cues ?

17. You try hard not to let your tears fall down ,. 
But deep down you know that its time to drown . 

18. You try hard not to feel the pain inside ,. 
But somehow it won't leave no matter how you tried . 

19. Even though nobody is beside me right now ,. 
Still hope resides within that something good will come out somehow . 

20. Despite being surrounded by people every single day ,. 
Feeling lonely is something from which i can never run away

Famous Poets for Alone Shayari

Famous Indian Poets:

1. Mirza Ghalib
2. Allama Iqbal
3. Kabir Das
4. Rahim Khan-e-Khana
5. Gulzar
6. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
7. Amir Khusro
8. Sarojini Naidu
9. Bashir Badr
10. Javed Akhtar

Rest of the World Poets:

1. Emily Dickinson
2. Robert Frost
3. William Wordsworth
4 .William Blake
5 .John Keats
6 .Oscar Wilde
7 .Ralph Waldo Emerson
8 .Sylvia Plath
9 .T S Eliot
10 .Pablo Neruda